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J.R. Nelson

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DISCLAIMER: I have a hard time verbalizing art. I mostly think it's a mistake to try. You either have a visceral response to a work or you don't. Well, maybe you can have an intellectual one too. My point is it's not the painter, their age, sex, background, location, schooling, or gallery resume that matters one whit. It is purely the work. And each work is different...hopefully.

WHY: I have always loved to paint. I have never had any doubt about my calling. I started as a child and never stopped. The only thing that has ever slowed me down is figuring out how to exist in this era, supporting a family, lapses in judgment, and my personal relationships. In other words, real life. And lots of it.

STYLE: My style is still, and probably always will be, evolving. I started out (after basic training) as an abstract expressionist on large panels and primed paper. Ran out of interest as well as subject matter. Figurative art started next and remains somewhat to this day. Impressionism has always been my secret fix. I love to see the paint. It really gets me. I like the happy accidents that happen when a little red streak gets pulled into the white brush stroke. When the under painting bleeds through. Recently I started painting en plein air. That is a challenge as I tend to pick windy cliffs and buggy meadows. And I paint SLOW. My style is currently fluctuating between Impressionism, Naturalism, and Realism. I keep trying to loosen up but my work gets more realistic the longer I paint because I see more now, and I can paint better.

MEDIUM: Watercolor, collage, and life model drawing make appearances but oil on canvas is really my baby.

SUBJECT MATTER: My recent works are snippets of the things I see and love around me. Nature, animals, landscapes, buildings, people, still lifes. Everything I paint I have a personal connection to. I know it, have a history with it, or grew it. I'm not interested in angst any more, as I was after my fine art studies at C.C.A. in the Bay Area. I'm not interested in preserving moments of darkness that I used to consider as chic or "au courant". I'm not trendy. I want to record the simple things around me that impress or catch my attention, no matter how small. I'm not interested in painting Half Dome but I might paint a nook in the meadow. I'm not interested in the big picture, at least not right now. I'm interested in the close up. Maybe if I paint these "natural moments" I will remain on earth through my recorded experience. Magical thinking at best. After one generation no one may remember I was here, except maybe at that garage sale where my "Cows" canvas peeks out from behind a stack of "number paintings".

PRICING: Inquiries without obligation are encouraged.

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